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If something is working do it over and over again.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Over the years I have put systems in place that allow me to be very efficient in working with buyers and sellers.  The benefit to you the customer is you get to know in advance what I am going to do […]

Trust but Verify

I am working with a new client who is going to put in an offer on a new construction project.   He is looking for comparable sales for the building.  Most of the sales have taken place using the builder’s on site sales team.   So what can you do?  First, ask the sales manager.  In […]

Odyssey Condo Arlington VA

Are you looking for a condo that offers great views of the city?  Take a look at the Odyssey Condo in Arlington VA.  Located at 2001 15TH ST N.  It is in the Courthouse neighborhood and walking distance to the Courthouse metro.  You have to walk up hill to the metro but you get to […]