Archives: August 2009

Home values are up

From May to June, home values are up in several major U.S. markets  take a look at this The market is shifting.  Now is the time if you have been on the fence about buying your first home, a bigger home or an investment property. Next a friend emailed me a thought Do it Anyway […]

Pen Fed Realty track record

Thinking of using your local credit union to list and sell your home?  You may already have a relationship with them.  They offer a discount listing rate.  All Realtors are the same right?  …Wait let’s investigate Over the last year all of Pen Fed realtors together have sold only 77 homes.  That is the entire […]

For Sale By Owner

I just spoke to a proud for sale by owner who put his home under contract with a buyer. But what stands out is he did no marketing for the home and did not expose it to all the potential buyers in the market. So what kind of price do you think he got? …..Top […]